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Adopt A Primate!                                                                       

Many primates get the chance at rehabilitation.  This requires many resources.  Human caretakers must spend many hours helping resocialize the abandoned primate to a near 
natural facility with other primates.  They require care for the rest of their lives, like abused children, they have been traumatized and can never completely recover.  You can help in this effort by adopting a primate.

The cost of adopting a primate is not very high, considering the good that will come of it.  But the cost can easily be reduced by adopting as a group or family.  Adoption would make a great project for a youth group to learn about primates.  It would also make a perfect present for someone interested in primates.

Adopt an orangutan at Orangutan Fund International.  Their orangutans are infants that have been orphaned by poachers.  The refuge cares for them until they can return to the wild at seven or eight years of age.  Because they are infants, they initially require intensive medical care.  The cost here is $50 per year, they also provide a form to purchase as a gift.

Adopt an ape or monkey at Monkey World, a refuge in Britain.  They rescue primates and provide a long term home.  The cost is about US$ 40 for an individual, with increasing rates for different groups.  You must mail a check.  You will receive a photo, adoption certificate, a tri-yearly newsletter and a one year pass.

Adopt a chimp at Chimfunshi, a refuge in Zambia. They have 12 chimps to adopt. The cost is US$ 100 for one year, you will receive a photo, and wallet photo-card, a progress report and a newsletter.  You can choose your chimp online, then mail the form with a check.

You can also adopt a chimp at The Jane Goodall Foundation, The cost is also 100$. You receive a photo and information about your chimp.  This foundation has several sanctuaries in Africa, and each regional branch around the world sponsors an adoption program.