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Orangutans are facing unique challenges.  Urgent help is needed at Orangutan Fund International to keep research and conservation efforts active.  The Tanjung Puting rainforest is being threatened by illegal loggers.  This area is home to many orangutans, as well as the scientists who are studying and helping them.

It is particularly important to help preserve the habitat of Orangutans.  They live in some 
of the most endangered rainforests in the world.  Indonesia is a prime exporter of exotic woods.  Most of the wooden 'handcrafted objects' sold in major department stores in America are imported from Indonesia.  It only takes a little effort to be aware of what you are buying, 
but it can make a big difference. Learn what products to avoid to help conserve the orangutans' habitat.  Visit the Balikpapan Orangutan Society to learn more ways to help these unique apes. 

Adopt an orangutan at Orangutan Fund International.  Their orangutans are infants 
that have been orphaned by poachers.  The refuge cares for them until they can return 
to the wild at seven or eight years of age.  Because they are infants, they initially require 
intensive medical care.  The cost here is US$ 50 per year.