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   Primate Photos

The following photos were taken by me, at the Yagiyama Zoo in Sendai, Japan


 ppchimpclose.JPG (68562 bytes)two chimps.jpg (87588 bytes)chimpcage.JPG (86169 bytes)

These chimpanzees lived alone in these small cages, with nothing even to play with.  In addition, their cages were kept near the front of the zoo, so everyone who entered passed by them.  This added an additional stress of noise exposure.  The only shade they had was provided by the concrete shelves seen here.  They had nowhere to go to escape the heat or the noise.


femlegrllaclose.JPG (102511 bytes)
malegorilla.jpg (81640 bytes)Mgorillaclose.JPG (106836 bytes)

There were only two gorillas in this pen, both seemed old, and lethargic.  They had more shelter than the chimpanzees, but no apparent free access to fresh water.


Japanese Macaques
1littlemacacque.JPG (117454 bytes)
littlemacacques.jpg (109545 bytes)macacqueA.JPG (56526 bytes)macacqueB.JPG (66741 bytes)ppmacacquebig.JPG (108692 bytes)

The macaques had the largest and most stimulating pen in the zoo.  But they were still walking on concrete, the plastic webbing apparently put down for traction or protection, I am not sure. 


Squirrel Monkeys
2monkeys.jpg (75237 bytes)
monkey1.JPG (60186 bytes)monkey2.JPG (58791 bytes)

These monkeys had the most tragic situation, kept on leashes in a corner.  They were kept out of each others reach as well.  They were placed on the floor in a corner in a high traffic area.  There was a constant crowd of people towering over them, a high stress situation for a small animal who prefers the height of trees.


elephant escaping.jpg (60737 bytes)
elephant2.JPG (82555 bytes)elephant3.JPG (80010 bytes)two elephants.jpg (21173 bytes)

These elephants are obviously not primates, but they faced similar conditions at the Zoo.  Elephants are also highly intelligent and can suffer the same types of psychological problems as apes.


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