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   Captive Primates


          All wild primates are considered endangered. Yet, throughout the world, they face some of the most abuse. In Africa, primates are slaughtered for the sale of bush meat. Many are hunted so their body parts can be sold as aphrodisiacs in Asia. They are kidnapped from the wild and smuggled to other countries for sale to research labs or to be used as 'breeders', forced to reproduce only to have their babies stolen.  Many babies in the wild are orphaned by poachers, and many mothers are murdered so the infants can be smuggled. For every infant that survives smuggling, 10 have died.

Because captive primates are only considered 'threatened', trade across state borders is legal.  This makes it possible for private companies to continually breed for pet sale or labs.  Chimps are used in medical research throughout the First World.  They are kept in small cages, often without any family or other social group.  They are tortured, all for the sake of humans.  Chimps are used in Aids research, despite the fact that in 30 years, only 2 chimps have ever developed Aids from HIV.  Primates have different immunities to human diseases.   Chimpanzees are also put through simulated head impact crashes and social deprivation studies for assessing damage done to the brain.  

These chimps did not ask to give their lives in service of humans.  They are taken from the arms of their mothers as babies.  They receive none of the affection that they would otherwise get from their families.  They are forced through painful experiments, constantly poked with needles, and  infected with diseases.  Scientific research has shown that chimpanzees have a psychological awareness and intelligence equivalent to a three year old human.  Yet any human would be horrified at the thought of doing to a three year old what we frequently do to chimps.

Primates are intelligent, social creatures, just like humans.  They can suffer from the same psychological disorders as humans.  They require love and attention just like humans.  Apes can learn to communicate with us and understand spoken English.  We can't ignore that they are so very similar to us.  How can we ignore their ability to feel pain and suffer like us?  

     Chimps in research labs

Save the primates