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Primate Links

Chimpanzee Links

Chimfunshi Chimp Sanctuary 

The Jane Goodall Foundation  

  Chimps Inc.
Extensive information on captive chimpanzees

One Family
Kids for chimps

Bonobos: The Left-Bank Chimpanzees

Bonobo Protection Fund

Chimp Haven 
Providing a home for unwanted chimps

 The Coulston Foundation Kills Chimpanzees
This is a campaign website to prevent the delivery of retired chimpanzees to animal experimentation labs

Orangutan Links

Balikpapan Orangutan Society
Learn how to help, adopt an orangutan, the latest news

Orangutan Fund International
Dedicated to helping orangutans, help protect the preserve

Orangutans: Just Hangin' On

Orangutans -- BC SPCA
 Interesting facts about orangutans, why we should help.





Gorilla Links

The Gorilla Foundation
  Home of koko the gorilla  
Direct aid for mountain gorillas

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund - Protecting the Mountain Gorilla's
Information and the latest news

Gorilla Haven

Gorillas Online
Complete gorilla info, photos, history, links

The Busch Gardens Gorilla Page 




General Primate Links

 The International Primate Protection League

Primates Online
Home of the primate conservation and welfare society

Monkey World
Primate sanctuary in Britain

Monkey Sanctuary
  learn about and adopt woolly monkeys

The Great Ape Project- equal rights for all primates 

Primate Photo Gallery 
Chimps, gorillas, orangutans, lemurs, macaques

Doris Day Animal League

Green People
Find environmentally and primate friendly products!