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Become a Member!        
(All prices listed are for regular memberships, USD)
The Jane Goodall Foundation.  $30.  You receive an annual newsletter, updates, notice of lecture tours and a 10% discount at the gift shop.  You can buy it online, no extra fee for shipping.      

International Primate Protection League.  $20. You will receive their magazine three times a year. 

Orangutan Fund International.  $25.  You receive the newsletter, Pongo Quest,  and periodic updates.

Balikpapan Orangutan Society.  $25.  You receive an annual newsletter.  Last year 91% of contributions went directly to the orangutans and conservation efforts in the field.

Chimfunshi.  $15.  Quarterly newsletter, complete biographies of all the chimpanzees, and an opportunity to visit the orphanage in Africa.