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Urgent help needed!

Right now the Congo basin of Africa is facing a crisis.  Primates are among the many exotic animals being hunted for the commercial sale of meat and fur.  You can sign the bushmeat petition now, to help stop the slaughter.  There are reports that, since 1996, as many as a thousand gorillas have been killed by poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The logging industry has contributed to the problem by building logging roads into previously inaccessible areas, bringing the poachers to the primates.

Right now congress is considering a bill that will help stop the bushmeat trade.  The bushmeat problem has been heightened due to civil war among local populations.  The Great Ape Conservation Act will provide money for increased law enforcement, outreach and rehabilitation programs.  Learn more about writing a letter to congress,  or download a prewritten letter here.   Visit the Doris Day animal league for more information.  

At Kinshasa Zoological Gardens, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 12 chimpanzees are trapped.  The zoo has been devastated by civil war, and cannot afford the care for its animals.  Two-thirds of their animals have died.  The chimps are fed sporadically and receive no attention. 

The International fund for animal welfare is negotiating their release.  Chimfunshi has agreed to provide sanctuary.  So far the zoo and government have refused, demanding more financial relief.  Visit Chimfunshi to get more information on these chimps and others. Learn how to help other chimps trapped in Zoos or in circuses, and get addresses or emails of where to send letters of protest.  The Democratic Republic of Congo seems to have the most cases of neglect and abuse of their captive and wild primates.  You can write a letter protesting their actions, and calling for better laws and more humane treatment of primates.  One letter may not seem like much, but the efforts of many people can force the government to give this matter attention.  You can also write the U.S. congress, calling for attention to the problems in Africa.              
Send letters or Email to the DRC at the following addresses.

                        Embassy of the Democratic Republic  
                        of Congo, 
                        1800 New Hampshire  Avenue, NW, 
                        Washington, D.C.,  20009, USA
 Or to the         United Nations Ambassador, Democratic 
                        Republic of Congo 
                        U.N., 866 U.N. Plaza, Suite 511, 
                        New York,  NY   10017, USA.
              Or email:


Many primates also face illegal smuggling for the pet or breeding trade.  Many of these primates die in transit or face life in a research lab.  The International Primate Protection League has  alerts posted about this issue, and specific cases you can write a letter about.  The IPPL also relies on individuals to become involved in letter writing campaigns to force these matters to the attention of the government and law enforcement.  

In Cambodia, a rare pilated gibbon was killed.  Help bring the poacher to justice and protect other gibbons in the area by asking the Cambodian government to establish a national park and refuge.

Thirty Air-force chimps now have the opportunity to retire.  Primarily Primates Incorporated is now in charge of ensuring the safety of these chimps, and has established a fund for the retirement of primates used in research.  They are desperately in need of funds to renovate their facilities and acquire land, in order to secure the chimps retirement.  Visit Save The Chimps or One Family for more information on the air force chimps, as well as other ways to help them.